About us

WestBridge is an independent private equity house that invests in lower mid-market UK buyouts and lower mid-market companies.

We are currently investing our second fund, WestBridge II, which comprises over £140m of committed capital and earmarked co-investment monies.

We invest between £10 million and £40 million in profitable, successful and fast-growing companies. Typically, these companies will have enterprise values of between £15 million and £60 million and profits of £2 million to £8 million.

We work proactively in partnership with managers to support and accelerate business growth, whether organically, through acquisition or a combination of the two.

We bring a comprehensive range of skills and proven structure and process to support value creation activities, “the WestBridge Way”, and work proactively with a number of operating partners and consultants to support business development objectives.

Our investors include British Business Investments, the European Investment Fund, South Yorkshire Pensions Authority, West Yorkshire Pension Fund, Van Lanschot Kempen, funds advised by Cambridge Associates and a number of family offices and industrialist high net worth investors.

The senior management team all have a passion for investing in and supporting management to grow lower mid-market companies, and each has invested significant amounts in WestBridge managed funds.

WestBridge invests in established and profitable UK-based companies.

We back ambitious, experienced management teams with a strong track-record of business growth. We invest in lower mid-market UK buyouts and lower mid-market businesses with the potential to grow rapidly and dominate their niche or exploit new opportunities that will lead to growth.


We typically look to hold our interest in companies for between three and five years. However, the overriding consideration is to seek an exit when it is right for the business and its shareholders.


The senior team has a breadth and depth of experience across many industries and sectors. We will consider the potential of companies from most sectors, provided they meet our key criteria of being established, profitable and ambitious.

Investment criteria


WestBridge provides more than just capital, we are experts at partnering with management teams to support and accelerate business growth.

Our track record of creating value in businesses is exceptional. We are aligned with management as each of our Partners has made substantial personal contributions to our Funds. We back our professional judgement with much more than just speculative enthusiasm.

Our partnership approach with management ensures we are all aligned to grow businesses and create value. We bring a wealth of experience, skill and proven process and we systematically deploy the WestBridge value creation model in every investment.

To complement the management teams’ expertise and our experience we work proactively with a number of operating partners and consultants to support business development objectives.

Typically we would support management to enhance these areas:

  • Accelerating sales growth and sales process
  • Business function professionalisation
  • Human capital management
  • IT strategy implementation
  • Strategic oversight
  • International expansion.

Our network of ‘strategic investors’ provides unique insights into the sectors we invest in and helps our companies achieve their business objectives by capitalising on their experience, influence and expertise.