Posted: 22 February 2024

Getting to know … Luke Gilbert, investment executive

Getting to know … Luke Gilbert, investment executive

Luke Gilbert joined us in May 2023 from Stephens Investment Bank. Here he answers a few questions we put to each team member so you can get to know them a little better.

What attracted you most to joining WestBridge?

On the highest level, it was the focus on B2B investments with primary buyout characteristics that drew me to WestBridge, given this is the area I most enjoyed in my prior role in investment banking. It was then getting to know the team that made my decision. WestBridge is made up of a group of highly complementary individuals who come together to make a fantastic team. Differing strengths throughout the group mean that we can really deploy a ‘best team on the pitch’ approach across a range of situations, and learn from each other every day.

How did your career bring you to private equity?

I was previously an M&A Associate at Stephens Investment Bank, where we worked on transactions ranging from primary buyouts to private equity exits and carve-outs from large corporates, mainly on the sell-side. I quickly realised that it was the management teams I worked with that made this role so enjoyable. Once a deal was done, however, stepping away from management just as they were about to embark on that next phase of their growth journey that we had helped to define was difficult – leaving for the most exciting part! It was this that pulled me into private equity – being able to develop longer-term partnerships with management to help achieve outsized growth of their businesses.

What does life look like when you leave the office?

I am a big sports fan – these days, it is mainly running, cycling and golf that keeps me busy. Whilst no longer playing, I'm also a rugby fan and supporter of my home club Ulster, and Ireland.

What do you find most rewarding about your role at WestBridge?

I think getting the opportunity to meet management teams of businesses throughout the UK is the most rewarding part. Gaining their insight into different sectors and business models and getting to explore differing value creation strategies with them is fascinating.

Where would you work if not private equity?

I think I would be a waterski instructor. I love the water, the sport is fantastic, and have always enjoyed teaching friends back home. This is one sport I left behind when I moved over to London – proximity of our Mayfair office to a lake or the sea doesn’t help this!

Name three things you couldn’t live without?

1. A morning coffee

2. Running shoes

3. Sky Sports

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