Posted: 5 May 2023

WestBridge announces enhanced ESG Reporting

WestBridge announces enhanced ESG Reporting

Enhancing the ESG footprint of our portfolio companies is a core element of our value creation model.

As a firm, we systematically set targets and benchmark them against industry best practice annually, whilst also monitoring progress against goals every month.

We have created a roadmap to enhance our reporting to better showcase the ESG improvements we are delivering in our portfolio.

Working closely with our ESG operating partner, Sustainable Advantage, our ambition is to be best in class for a non-impact fund of our size. As part of our own continual improvement, we are implementing Net Zero plans in all of our portfolio companies and enhancing our data capture for WestBridge II and WestBridge III.

Sustainable Advantage said:

“WestBridge stands out as one of the few ‘non-impact’ funds that has a fully comprehensive ESG programme as part of its value creation model in the lower-mid market. The way individual companies are being assessed and the firm’s ESG portal are absolutely class leading.”

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