Responsible Investing

WestBridge understands the importance of responsible investing (RI) in protecting and creating value.

We believe that a strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) approach delivers both sustainable growth within portfolio companies and enhanced returns for our investors by aligning our investments with the wider context of society at large. WestBridge is a signatory of the UNPRI and actively integrates ESG issues across all investment decisions.

WestBridge is committed to:
  • Incorporating ESG related diligence and appraisal into our investment process
  • Ensuring investment teams are trained with best practice in the area of ESG
  • Incorporating ESG matters into investment monitoring and policies
  • Monitoring ESG performance indicators within portfolio companies
  • Reporting ESG performance to investors
  • Adhering to industry standards and principles

At WestBridge we integrate our ESG strategy into all stages of the investment process, from origination, to deal executive and portfolio management, through to exit. We believe that stakeholder trust must be maintained, nurtured and grown in order to successfully generate long term growth within a business. This strategy enables WestBridge to protect value leakage and create long term value by identifying ESG related risks and opportunities and managing these accordingly.

Our ongoing ESG monitoring helps evidence the value we create, challenge ESG related matters and improve the impact our investments have on the economy, society and the environment.

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